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Tips For a Successful Home Page

The home page of a professional website should be an introduction to the rest of the websites and its features. It is the first impression that your website will make on potential customers Like any introduction, it shouldn’t overload viewers with information too soon.
The content should be easy to read and written in short blurbs to inform your viewers what they can expect from spending more time on your website and by working with your company. The purpose of this is to captivate your viewer and to intrigue them enough to want your Products & services or at least to learn more about them which can earn you a new customer.
Search Engine Algorithms will move a website up in the rankings if the users move on from the home page (also called a landing page by search engines) and spend time browsing/using the other web pages. Therefore the goal should be to make the website engaging enough to welcome your users to continue browsing and spend time on your website because again, the more time your viewers spend on your website, the more relevant it becomes on Search Engine Algorithms and the higher your website will rank when web users are searching for products or services that are related to what you offer.
Your home page should communicate your core values first and let your clients know the benefit of choosing to work with your company. A strong strategy for a home page is actually to keep it simplistic by showcasing a design, photos, and minimal information with links to coordinating pages to allow users to seek and find more information or services that are applicable to them. By using a simplistic design as suggested, your website is more likely to gain you a new loyal customer. The more inviting the website, the more web traffic will generate, and the better chances your company will have to grow.