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While our packages are preloaded with features that are essential for a professional website. Although the base features in these packages are preselected, we will still provide custom work to ensure that your website stands out from the competition. For a special flare, ask about our add-on features. 

The Entrepreneur

Great for small businesses on a budget
requiring a basic online presence.
$ 1,599
  • Professional 4 Page Website up to two revisions
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
  • 1 keyword per page.
  • No Online Store
  • Photography additional $300/8 hrs
  • Citation Creation additional $140 Per 25
  • Logo Design additional $150

The Enterpriser

Great for Businesses that have already established
an online presence that require more growth opportunities.
$ 4,899
  • Professional 8-10 Page Website up to two revisions
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
  • 5 keyword per page.
  • Online Store Up to 20 products additional $75 per 20 products
  • 4 hours of Photography included additional hours billed $300/8 hrs
  • Creation of 25 Citation add 25 more citations for an additional $140
  • Logo Design included
Best Value

The Businessman

Great for online stores and businesses that require a compentive Search Optimization and multiple pages
$ 3,399
  • Professional 5-7 Page Website up to two revisions
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
  • 3 keyword per page.
  • Online Store Up to 10 products additional $100 per 20 products
  • Photography additional $300/8 hrs
  • Creation of 25 Citation add 25 more citations for an additional $140
  • Logo Design additional $75
Best seller

Our Web design


The features offered in our plans are what makes your website function. Additions can be placed on your website at your request. Each feature is listed below to help you create a mental picture of what your dreams for your professional website are. 

Domain Name

A Domain Name is your identity on the web, it helps customers recognize your company and what it stands for. A domain name should be a memorable extension of your company to avoid your customers from stumbling upon one of your competitors' websites while looking for yours.


Humans are a visual species meaning that we respond to things differently based on how they are seen. Rather than using stock photos that anyone is free to use, we recommend using unique photos to ensure transparency and to show your customers what to really expect while doing business with your company.

Content Writing

All Websites Include a 30 minute consult and up to two revisions with our copywriter Penvoke Progress . The representative from will create all the written content for your website. PenVoke Progress is experienced with successfully creating content that will not only keep your customers engaged, but it will also be found by Search Engines which will drive more people to your website while they are searching for the products or services that your company has to offer. Working with the PenVoke Progress will ensure unique content and they will not publish anything until you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user's computer and a server or website. This encrypted connection make it a lot harder for hackers and bots to steal your information.


Videos, are becoming more common on websites. We can create all types of videos to make your website pop. Videos are a great way to give you an SEO boost, the descriptions and meta content within these videos make your website stand our in Search Engine Algorithms which can assist with your ranking on Search Engines like Google. We offer drone and camera videography for fresh perspective. Our videography packages are not limited to web content. We can create video ads and how-to videos for your company to use at its leisure.


Keywords/terms are words that people use to search online for your company, product, and/or service. It is not enough to have just keywords, a website is required to have an appropriate density of that appears on a page. All packages include meta content pertaining to SEO and the content writers at PenVoke Progress are skilled in layering content with your selected keywords while still getting your message out to your customers.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach that allows websites to render on multiple screen sizes from computers to mobile devices without distortion or the need to zoom in or out. Mobile devices make up 52.6% of all internet traffic, it's important to cater to those users and keep the website user friendly.

Logo Design

A logo should scream your company name even if your name is not in it. Think about the golden "M" the first thing that pops into your mind is the name of the company and the experience you've had with it. Your logo will become the biggest piece of your brand identity. It is advised that companies establish policies on how to properly display their logo.

Citiation Creation

Citation/Back-linking is the creation of a linking structure that points to your website almost like a thumbs up, if a site that has 73 million monthly users gives your site the thumbs up it helps promote your website.

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Check out our portfolio to see what we are capable off and to get a better idea of what will and won’t work for your professional website. 

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Maintenance Plans

After all of the work that goes into the building of a website, it is wise to provide the maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Choose from any of the available plans below to protect your brand new website today. Each plan offers daily malware scans and weekly backups to keep hackers at bay and to prevent losing any of our hard work. Our goal is to provide you with the plan that will fit the maintenance needs of your specific website. 

The Portland

The Portland package is perfect for any business that
requires minimal updates and to remain secure it is not recommended for Ecommerce sites.
$ 150
  • Hosting
  • SecureStarter By: Sitelock
  • Update of core applications
  • Product license management
  • 1 hour of semi-annual edits
  • Weekly Backups
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 3 email accounts with 5gb combined storage

The New York

The New York Package is great for companies that require a vast amount of changes as well as higher security. This package is great for all ecommerce sites and sites that handle payment info
$ 400
  • Hosting
  • SecureSite By: Sitelock
  • Update of core applications
  • Product license management
  • 30 minutes of monthly
  • Weekly Backups
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 10 Email accounts 20gb combined storage
  • 30 Semi Annual SEO Evaluations, Modifications & Reports
  • 1 additional page created per year includes copyrighting service.
  • 1 infograph creation annually
Great Value

The Seattle

The Seattle Package is great for companies that
require more security, update, edits and attention.
This package is a base entry for Ecommerce sites as well.
$ 250
  • Hosting
  • SecureSpeed By: Sitelock
  • Update of core applications
  • Product license management
  • 1 hour of quarterly edits
  • Weekly Backups
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 5 Email accounts 10gb combined storage
  • 30 Semi Annual SEO Evaluations, Modifications & Reports
Best Seller

All of our maintenance Plans


Each maintenance plan is designed to keep your website up to date and running the way that it is designed to. Each feature below is described to help you understand how we keep your website strong and protected. 

Your Website requires Hosting

All websites require hosting. At Ethereal Solutions Inc. we have our own servers that we host our websites on. This is a benefit because by having your website hosted in house, we can easily monitor the website and detect any issues that may arise and fix them before it becomes a real problem. This is a great advantage to our clients.


In the event that your business makes changes such as, a new product or service, the business changes locations, or the hours change, etc, it may become necessary to edit the content. Editing a website is a great way to keep it from going stagnant. When users don't see anything different, it gives the appearance of either a stale business, or someone that has lost their passion. We understand that some edits might take longer than others; if you exceed your edit time we will continue to make them at $30/hr.


Ethereal Solutions Inc has partnered with SiteLock to provide award-winning website security for our customers. All of our maintenance packages have a SiteLock package included, which help us provide our services at a value to you. A SiteLock package is required for all of our maintenance plans. We can tailor the SiteLock package associated with each plan if desired. Check out each of the plan details Here


For added security, we recommend updating your website semi-regularly. Malware can appear on any website for a number of reasons. Since the malware is always changing, it is best to keep ahead of the game by updating your website to avoid any weaknesses from developments that bots and hackers can detect and exploit.

Email Accounts

In today's online world businesses require an email that matches their domain name. A business email address gives a professional appearance that builds trust in your company. Having an email address that matches your domain name will help customers identify your emails faster and helps the emails make it to the customer's inbox rather than the spam file.

Search Engine Optimizations

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google's algorithms are the most accurate and complex. It's important that the content and citations are working together to help your website be found by search engines such as Google or Bing because most people will use a search engine to find your website rather than looking it up by domain name or URL. The stronger the SEO setup, the higher your website will rank in the order of sites that pop up for thte user.

Our Hosting


All websites no matter how big or small require hosting. Hosting means that your website will need to be on a server. We have the ability to host your website in house. There is a strong benefit to keep your website hosted in house rather than going through a third party. By hosting in house, we can detect any problems that may arise faster and fix the problems immediately to protect you from losing any business driven by your website


Our Bronze Hosting package is great for entry
level websites
$ 8
99 Month
  • 2Gb of Website Storage
  • 3 Email addreses with 3gb storage
  • Free EV SSL Certificate
  • Weebly Website builder Included
  • WordPress Compatible


Our Gold Package is great for businesses that need
that require a large email space and place for their website.
$ 19
99 Month
  • 10Gb of Website Storage
  • 10 Email addresses with 10gb storage
  • Free EV SSL Certificate
  • Weebly Website builder Included
  • WordPress Compatible


Our Silver Hosting package is great for people who
require more emails website
$ 12
99 Month
  • 5Gb of Website Storage
  • 5 Email addreses with 5gb storage
  • Free EV SSL Certificate
  • Weebly Website builder Included
  • WordPress Compatible